It’s time for You to Rise

Okay Momma’s, it’s time to rise up and claim victory over your home. It’s time to take authority and take your life back out of the hands of Satan.

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If there’s one thing that gets to me, it’s when the devil tries to torment a home and attack precious children. Excuse me, but I waited too long, 8 years to be exact, to have a child and I am not going to allow Satan to just come in and take control. I don’t think so.

In case you’ve forgotten, you have the power, through the Name of Jesus Christ, and the authority to crush Satan under your feet, under your home, under your child’s life, and wherever else he thinks he can sneak in. Take back your life, your home and your children.

I see what he’s doing. I see how he tries to sneak in, and before too long he has a tight hold.

Right after I had my son, it was the happiest time of my life and I was elated. My husband and I had went through so many obstacles and we were finally holding the precious baby that God had given us.

The devil knew that there was no way that anyone could deny the fact that my son was a miracle, but it wasn’t too long before he tried to sneak in and steal my joy. I say “tried”, because he was caught and he didn’t succeed.

For about a year, I was in constant fear mode. I couldn’t rest because I thought something was going to happen to my child. When he was first born, I was constantly awake checking on him to make sure he was still breathing. I would wake up at night in a panic thinking that something dreadful was happening. Needless to say that between that, taking care of a newborn and our foster children, I didn’t sleep.

When he was close to a year old, we went on a family vacation and at times I could not enjoy it. I would rarely let him out of my sight in fear that something would happen. The devil put thoughts in my mind and I just could not get away from the fear, and it grew. I was constantly on edge. Here I was a new mother to a child that God had given me and it had gotten to the point that I could not even enjoy the journey.

But something happened…Satan got called out. His plans and tactics were brought to the forefront and faced head on. I was prayed for and I could literally feel the heaviness and the spirit of fear leaving me. Not too long after I put satan back in his place, the Lord sent me confirmation that my son was on this earth for a mighty purpose and that he would be used.

Its-Time-147x300 It's Time to Rise! faithlife

Let me tell you, if you are living in turmoil…stop! That’s exactly what the devil wants. Call him out and begin rebuking the very thing he is holding over you, your children or home. The Bible tells us that satan trembles at the mention of the Name of Jesus. (James 2:19 “Though believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.”) He is scared. He is scared of you and the power that you hold through Jesus Christ.

It’s time for you to rise as a prayer warrior and take authority over your home. Purpose in your heart and mind that you will no longer allow satan to destroy what God has willed. God gave you those precious children to protect at all cost. And that also means protection from the enemy. Call him out and name everything that he is trying to destroy in your life. Bring it to the forefront and watch it crumble at your feet.

How dare satan? How dare he try to come in your home, where God is the center, and try to steal your joy? I don’t think so. You have the power in the Name of Jesus to attack the enemy’s kingdom. The bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:4 that “weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds”. Whatever strong hold that is over your family, attack it. Fight back.

Would you allow someone to come in and rob you blind while you sit in the living room and watch television? I didn’t think so. But too often that is what is happening in our homes and we don’t even know it. Sometimes when I feel anxiousness rising up in me over my son, I will say out loud “I don’t think so satan. I see what you are doing and I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus. You will not have control over me”.

If your children are out of control and your home is in chaos, girl it’s time to hit your knees and go to war. This is not what God has planned for you. God wants you to experience sweet peace and feel loved and have a beautiful life. This chaos and anxiety and whatever else is going crazy, is the devil’s tactic to keep you stirred in turmoil. It’s time that you say “We’re about to take care of some of these situations right now” and you get in your closet, spare bedroom, bathroom, wherever it may be and get to talking with the Lord. (Matthew 16:23 “…Get thee behind me, satan: thou art an offense unto me.”)

Its-Time-147x300 It's Time to Rise! faithlife

You can wait until your children are asleep or at school. You don’t have to make a big show, but you do need to mean business. You should do whatever you feel that the Lord is prompting you to do, no matter how silly it may seem to you. God knows exactly what actions He wants you to take in this battle. If you will listen, He will tell you what words to say to take command and control over the situation.

I usually don’t do this in my articles, but I feel that I should give you a prayer to pray.

“In the Name of Jesus, I command every stronghold that satan has over my life and family to be destroyed right now. Every feeling of anxiety be lifted. Every pain and heartache be removed and restored. Every wall of doubt crumble at my feet. Satan I speak to you. You are only as big as I allow you to be in my life. Through Jesus Christ, when he died on the cross and his precious, saving blood ran from his body, I have the power and authority over you. I command you to loose my family from your grasp and leave us alone. I know and realize that we are not fighting in the physical realm but we are fighting against principalities of darkness. But I am thankful that just the mention of the name of Jesus will send you running. I am a child of God and I will no longer allow fear to control me. I will rise up for my family and take control over what God has ordained for our lives. Jesus, give me peace over situations that I cannot control. I ask that you fight this battle for me.”

Now, thank God for the victory over your home!

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