Pursue God!

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Don’t ever stop searching after and seeking God.

He longs to hear from you, just as you long to hear from Him. Do not stop pursuing a personal relationship with the One who created you.

So many times we get busy with life, we listen to the demands of this world and get sucked in to doing what we have to do to keep up. This is not the life that God has designed for you. He created you for one reason…to have a relationship with Him.

Don’t worry sweet friend, everything will fall into place. All of the worries, the concerns, the what-if’s, and the demands will soon diminish. If you will put your relationship with God first, He will make a way for you. He is going to work it out.

He only wants to hear from you each day, so take the time and seek after Him. Troubles will diminish when you put it into His capable, Almighty Hands. Don’t soon forget that He is the Way-Maker, Provider, your Protector.

Someone needs to hear this today, Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Are you having financial issues? Seek after God. Are you having marital problems? Seek after God. Are you having issues with your children? Seek after God. You know where I’m going with this. You may be sitting there reading this post thinking “I do seek after Him. I do want a special relationship with Him, but everything still seems to be falling apart.” Just keep going! We can never, ever pursue after Him too much.

Oh, but when you find that peace in His loving arms, how precious it is. The feeling of pure love that you can feel from your Heavenly Father is enough to stop the chaos in this world. Just for a moment with God. Sometimes as I sit and read the Bible and let the words wash over me, I know that He is there. Know that He is pleased with the time that you take to be with Him.

Are you a Mary or a Martha?

In the book of Luke, a woman named Mary knew the heart of Jesus. Her sister, Martha, invited Jesus into her home. While Martha was busy preparing the meal, setting the table, making sure everyone had their beverage, scurrying about here and there, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus. She just sat there and heard his word, I’m sure soaking in every bit of it that she could. Martha got frustrated that she was doing all of the work and asked Jesus to tell Mary to help her. Jesus told Martha that she was troubled to take care of many things but one thing was needful: and Mary had chosen what was best, and he would not take that from her.

Serving in the Kingdom is great, but taking the time to sit in the presence of God is a necessity! God calls us to be servants, but if you aren’t taking the time to pursue a relationship with Him, where is that servant hood getting you? Staying busy in the Kingdom of God provides a sense of being used and we like to take godly pride in serving. But what of our soul? If you cannot truly stop for a moment and feel His presence surround you just at the mention of His name, then it’s time to take a step back, it’s time to slow down and re-evaluate what it is that you really need to do.

Pursue-God-147x300 Pursuing God faithlife

Seasons come and seasons go

Whatever season that you are in this moment will not last always in this life. The one constant thing that does last is God. Troubles are going to come and you need to make sure that you have that relationship with the Lord that says, “Father, I can’t do this on my own right now. I really need you to step in and take control. I need you right now, I need to feel you right now.”, and know that He is there.

Whatever happened to just communion with God? Not asking Him for anything, not putting an urgent request before Him, but just being with Him. Just sit down and speak sweet praises to His beautiful name. To feel His sweet presence fill the room where you are sitting. To feel such love for a loving God and say ‘I don’t need anything right now. I love you and I just want to thank you’. Allowing praise to escape from your heart, soul and mind. Not thinking about what task you have to do that day. You may think “Well that’s not me, that’s not the type of relationship that I have with God”. Then I challenge you, I encourage you to seek after that.

A relationship is the state of being connected.

It is time that we develop a deep, intimate and personal relationship with our God. I have my prayer time and devotion in the mornings because I want to sit and be quiet before the rush of the day begins. On some mornings, I wake up and already feel rushed because there is so much on the schedule for the day, and I hurriedly get started on things. I can feel that nudge in my heart as if God were saying “I just want a little time with you. Don’t get in the rush of the day and not spend time with Me”.

I get it, life is busy. There are some days where I wish I could just stop and take a breath. But we cannot get so busy that it takes us away from spending quality time with Him. In a relationship, we spend time with each other, we talk to one another, we try to do small things that please one another, and we listen to what the other one is saying.

Do not let the things of this world; material items, career, worldly pursuits, or worldly relationships eat away at your time with God. Stay connected to Him by praying.

Talk to Him, and then listen to what He has to say. If you are seeking after Him, He will speak to you in one form or another. Look for it and listen.

Accept God’s love and don’t turn it away. Don’t shy away from building a relationship with God just because you are afraid of where it will lead.

I believe that part of connecting with God and building a relationship also means reading your Bible. God will speak to you through His word. He gave that to us for a road map. You need to use it.

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