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It’s time for Spring Cleaning

I love spring time! It makes people want to get outside more and be in the sun and gentle breeze. The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and children are running around playing. I enjoy seeing people walking on sidewalks and walking on trails, or taking their bike for a stroll. The smell of freshly cut grass…hmm. Doesn’t thinking about this make you want to smile?

Another good thing about Spring is that it’s time to open the doors and windows to let some fresh air in and get some spring cleaning done. It is refreshing to have a closet neatly organized and everything put in it’s rightful place. *This post may contain affiliate links*

So here are a few tips for spring cleaning this year:

  1. Organize closets-Clear out any clothes, shoes, purses, belts or scarves that you may not have used in a while and get rid of them. A good way to keep track of your clothing is by color coordinating them. By doing this, your closet will have a more organized feel and will look pretty, as well. It also makes it much easier to choose your wardrobe for the day. If you have a game closet or hall closet, get those organized too. Neatly fold up blankets, stack board games together, gather card games together and have it looking as neatly as possible. Make sure that everything in the closet is easily accessible and not just crammed in the space. That can be overwhelming when it comes time to search for something that you need.

  2. Organize under your sinks-Make sure your sinks and cabinets in the bathroom are as organized as possible to help aid in faster morning routines. Spring time is the perfect time to get this under control. Buy a few storage bins and designate a place for every item. Remove all clutter from under your sink and throw away any unnecessary items. If you have pull out drawers near your sink, clean them out as well. You can purchase nice organizing containers of any size at the dollar store. This doesn’t have to be an expensive project. You will thank me when you can easily find the hair products you need in the morning. The trick to keeping it organized is placing it back in the spot you picked it up from and not just throwing it wherever.

  3. Clean the windows-Spring time is the best time to tackle washing the windows. Get them clear of cobwebs and smudges that they obtained during the winter months. This window cleaning kit might be helpful to you.

  4. Baseboards-So I don’t get too thrilled about cleaning baseboards, and I’m sure you don’t either. But it’s something that should periodically be done. I used to think that I had to get on my hands and knees with a bucket of warm, soapy water and spend way too long getting those baseboards clean. A few simple ways would be to use a broom, the suction hose from a vacuum cleaner, a dust mop, or a swifter duster. Any of these items will get the job done quickly.

  5. Vacuum bulky furniture-The couch, large chairs, mattresses, even curtains (if they can’t be washed), and fabric covered dining room chairs should all be vacuumed to do away with dirt and unseen grime. Who knows, you may even find a few cents under the couch cushion!

  6. Steam clean the carpets-I try to steam clean my carpets at least twice a year. I will do it more often if I can squeeze in the time. Now I say “I”, but I do mean my sweet brother-in-law that offers to do it every time…he’s the pro and I won’t turn down the help. Seeing that I have two dogs and a busy toddler, I want to keep those carpets clean. It can be a hassle and most mommies do not have time to stop their busy schedule to steam clean the carpets. But I recommend it at least during your spring cleaning.

  7. De-clutter children’s room-Yes, I did just go there. Hehe. You know those toys that don’t work anymore or are broken, the clothes that are too small in the closet and dresser, the blankets and stuffed animals with nasty stains. Either throw them away or donate to someone else. Get your kid’s room less cluttered and clean up will be much easier.

  8. Wash off cabinet facings-With any type of living, regardless if you have children or not, you will eventually have dirt, grime, food, spilled drinks, or smudges on your cabinet facings. While you’re in the spring cleaning mood, go ahead and spray the facings down and wipe them off with a cloth or paper towel. I try to go through once a month and wipe my cabinets down but I don’t always get to it. Putting this on your list will give you a chance to actually focus on it.

This isn’t a “Oh, I’ve never thought of that before” list. Most everyone knows these items and places need to be cleaned but spring time is always a good time to pause your busy schedule and get your life a little more organized before the busy summer months hit! I wish you well in your spring cleaning and hope that you can enjoy your refreshed home for a little while.

Much Love,

Spring-Cleaning-200x300 Spring Cleaning everydaylife

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